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Three outdated digital marketing strategies to avoid


The world of digital marketing can be confusing at times and you may be tempted to emulate the strategies of your favorite brands. However, it’s important to be critical and discerning when putting together your digital marketing plan as trends within the field can quickly go out of fashion.

To help you stay ahead of competitors and avoid any marketing faux pas, we’ve collated a few outdated digital strategies that you should halt immediately:

1. Relying on scheduled and automated social media posts

Whilst social media gurus used to be able to get away with scheduling a series of branded posts on a Monday morning, this strategy will no longer cut it. As social media users become increasingly vocal and conversation-driven, they will want to start interacting with your company in a way that helps them feel connected and valued.

Ultimately, creating a corporate account that only publishes posts about your brand will look lazy and disconnected from customers. Instead, try posting tweets and messages with links to external content that your customers may find useful. This will demonstrate your willingness to help customers and is likely to encourage them to interact with your social media accounts on a regular basis. Remember that social media upkeep can be a full-time role, so it is often worth hiring someone to take on full responsibility for your accounts.

2. Posting fake reviews

As well as being an ethically bankrupt practice, internet users are becoming increasingly wise to the proliferation of fake online reviews. Whilst it may be tempting to try and put your business in the best light possible by posting bogus five-star reviews, it may ultimately cost your company’s reputation and hurt your profit-making potential in the long term.

3. Channeling your energy into content quantity rather than quality

With virtually every brand worth their salt now maintaining a blog, many digital marketers feel pressured to churn out reams of copy to stay ahead of the game. However, with search engines now cracking down on tired and repetitive content, it is imperative that brands focus on quality over quantity. After all, awareness of your business is much easier to build if your content is rich and engaging. Instead of focusing on churning out dozens of blog posts each week, consider thoroughly researching your blog posts and making sure they are of a quality you can be proud of.

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Brad Nietfeldt

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