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Brad embarked on his creative journey at one of the world’s most well-known start-ups, PayPal. He took it upon himself to gain a comprehensive understanding of software engineering and web application development, and over the years, he has honed his skills to become a highly sought-after digital marketing expert.

Brad’s expertise extends beyond devising content strategies. He is driven by his passion for developing innovative marketing solutions that cater to C-Suite and Executive Leadership and benefit both private and public sectors. His vast experience in the tech start-up and Fortune 500 domains has provided him with invaluable insights into the data-driven landscape.

Regardless of his fulfilling role, Brad’s ultimate goal remains the same – to generate creative solutions that empower organizations and leaders to outperform their peers and achieve tangible results. He instills this objective in his team at Monster Creative, LLC, aptly named the Monstrous Marketing Team. This team specializes in enterprise products and adopts a distinctive approach to thought-planning and research, crafting solutions that stand out from the competition.

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You are not alone. Brad and his Monstrous team of digital marketing experts are here to answer your questions, help you identify and master digital marketing strategies, and help you implement the strategies so you get the most out of the search and social landscapes. Plus, we will provide you with our multi-award-winning educational resources and training programs, which means you’ll never feel lost.

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What’s it like to consult with Brad Nietfeldt? That’s a great question. Experience Brad Nietfeldt by having a conversation with his digital clone project, powered by Delphi below. Ask Brad any question relating to digital marketing, SEO, social media, website development, CMO/C-suite consulting, national defense, and more below.



I have know Brad for several years now, but only recently have had the opportunity to work directly with Omaha Media Group for SHOLDIT projects. I have been nothing but impressed with the quality of service and extra steps they take to make certain I am a happy customer. Though they are extremely busy, they always find time to make sure what I need done gets done. The entire staff is fun to be around and work with and I feel like they are part of my team vs a separate company. Would I recommend OMG? Without a doubt…they’re on my speed dial.

Angela Lee Diaz, SHOLDIT

Brad is a resourceful and creative businessman who knows how to get a job done. There is no beating around the bush with Brad. He has great business instincts and always has a smile on his face. If you have a chance to work with Brad you will find his confident, laid back approach makes it so much easier to tackle challenges. I have known Brad for many years and have witnessed his skills and experience maturing exponentially over time which is primarily due to his tenacity for doing good work and doing the right thing.

Steven E. Kudlacek, PMP, ITIL, Vice President, Information Security Professional

Brad and his company did an excellent job that still gets compliments. He is an expert in the field and is personable and passionate. His expertise is priceless but his service is affordable for a small business like mine. Going with anyone else would be a mistake.

Corey Campbell, Chiropractic Physician

I worked with Brad on a project for a client of mine that was looking to build a better web presence. One thing that stood out was Brad’s focus on the client satisfaction. He guided them in the best practices of the industry and worked with them to build a fantastic solution that they all could be proud of. I would recommend Brad and his group to anyone.

Josh Livingston - Vice President of Sales, Title365/Xome

I first met Brad a few years ago through a mutual friend. After talking and sharing our experiences in life and in our careers, Brad offered his services to our non-profit D.R.E.A.M. Over the past few years, Brad and his team has helped our organization create and redesign our websites, created a digital marketing strategy and manage our social media strategy, syndication, and reporting which has helped us grow our brand.

Steven Warren - Ex-NFL Player, CEO, DREAM & Warren Academy

Brad is an innovative and creative professional. He thinks client service challenges through carefully, organizes effectively and executes agreed upon strategies very well. He is responsive, timely and is earnest in his dealings with everyone. He is reliable and trustworthy. Good business instincts. Wonderful to work with, and fun, too.

Hal Daub - Ex-Congressman and Former Mayor of Omaha, Healthcare Attorney at Husch Blackwell

I have had the pleasure of working with Brad in several capacities over the years and I can say by far he is my favorite client to work with. Energetic can-do attitude that never quits when something gets too tough. I look forward to many years and the excitement of whatever his ventures bring.

Eric Miller - Principal Software Engineer, Moody's Analytics

I’ve had the pleasure of working with Brad both during my tenure at Paypal, IPG, and American National Bank. I view Brad as not only a valued co-worker, but a mentor as well. Brad provided me with on-the-job training in the area of web design which proved to be a vital asset in advancing my career. His proven technical skills are both vast and impressive, as is his ability to manage multiple large projects and complete them on time. I believe Brad’s experience and skill set would be invaluable to any company in need of IT expertise.

Ben Brandt - Information Security Engineer, American National Bank

I recommended Brad while at IPG. I did so because it doesn’t take a person long to recognize Brad as an industry leader in terms of knowledge, work ethic, and technical acumen. I knew that IPG would only benefit from Brad’s tenacity and breadth of knowledge on so many different technologies. Even if Brad doesn’t have the tools or experience in a particular technology, it doesn’t take Brad long to not just understand it, but master it. In Brad’s short tenure working with IPG, he succeeded. Simple as that. With a positive attitude, he hit the ground running and hasn’t let up. Aside from Brad’s technical abilities and work ethic, Brad is as personable as they come. His approach to any issue is positive and it is infectious. He is a tremendous asset.

Alan Mansfield - Information Technology & Operations Leader, Interpublic Group of Companies (IPG)

I have worked with Brad on many projects and have always enjoyed working with him. He is very knowledgeable on many levels and knows how to guide you in the right direction. A man with many ideas and a pleasure to work with.

Mike Bautista - UX Development Supervisor, Mutual of Omaha

I met Brad during my tenure at Vertrue. Brad assisted our Enterprise Services Support Team and proved to be of great value to the Internet / Global Web Operations groups. Brad knew what he was doing and continually impresses other team members, our department and turns the heads of senior management. That being said, this is not a recommendation as to how he will perform at other companies, bringing Brad onboard is a no brainer.

Wayne E. Lewis - Information Technology Project Manager , Lockton Companies

Brad is a Networking Expert and helped maintain and manage hundreds of servers, routers, database servers, backups almost single handedly helping Vertrue/AdaptiveMarketing core operations. He helped us maintaining 100% uptime for critical online clients as well as helped create process and procedures for web development, source control and development services that helped the company’s global operations scale. I would like to recommend him.

Somnath Santra - Programmer Analyst IV, Wolters Kluwer

Brad was great to work with during my time at Adaptive Marketing. He is very knowledgeable in several fields of technology. He is detail oriented and has excellent communication skills, both written and verbal. Brad is a team player, works well with others and will provide better-than-needed results for any task that might be assigned.

John Morehouse, Denny Cherry & Associates

Brad exudes confidence and a “can do” attitude when tackling projects and problems. His ability to diagnose and collaborate for a positive outcome is outstanding. Brad also has strong communication skills and did an excellent job in providing timely and precise updates throughout the process.

April Kelly - Executive Management, Paypal, Inc.

I worked with Brad within the same organization as well as a customer within a Business Unit. Brad has exceptional people skills whether its understanding requirements or communicating the status of a project. He has the ability to communicate at both a technical and business level within both organizations.

Matt Graves - CEO, Lane Thomas Foundation

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“The purpose of life is not to be happy. It is to be useful, to be honorable, to be compassionate, to have it make some difference that you have lived and lived well.”― Ralph Waldo Emerson 

May my thoughts and experiences make a positive difference in your own lives. -Brad

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