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Google is important, but don't forget about other search engines

You’re probably aware of how important Google SEO is, but you might not be as familiar with the importance of ranking well on other search engines, such as Bing and Yahoo. However, around 30% of all search engine traffic goes through a search engine other than Google! The algorithms and rules of some search engines can be quite different than Google’s. For example, Bing has recently announced a new policy that pertains to their link penalties.

What search engines other than Google are the most popular?

Bing is the second-most popular search engine, and Baidu is the third most popular one. Yahoo and Yandex are fourth and fifth most popular respectively. However, it’s important to note that Yandex is primarily used by Russian and eastern European audiences, and Baidu is most popular among Chinese audiences. Ask.com is the sixth most popular search engine, and DuckDuckGo is the seventh most popular. DuckDuckGo is very popular among people who tend to be concerned about online privacy, which means that websites that are geared towards a tech-savvy audience may need to pay close attention to their rankings on it.

How do you improve your rankings on these search engines?

The most important part of improving your rankings on search engines other than Google is keeping up to date on how these rankings are determined. Most search engines give business owners information about what goes into their algorithms. This is especially true for local search. In order to rank well on Bing, it’s especially important to make sure that you include keywords in headings that contain h1 and h2 tags. In addition, creating meta descriptions that are well-written and include keywords is a crucial part of being ranked highly on Bing.

Also, it’s important to note that each search engine crawl websites at different times. Therefore, if your rankings on Google change, it doesn’t necessarily have any impact on whether there has been any change on Bing or other search engines (or vice versa).

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