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White Hat SEO vs Black Hat SEO

White Hat SEO vs Black Hat SEO Introduction

As you explore the concept of SEO for your company’s website, you might hear the terms white hat and black hat thrown around. You probably know that you should be using white hat SEO, but you might not know why or what the difference is. Here are the key differences between these two approaches to SEO, and why you should opt for white hat SEO practices.

White Hat SEO vs Black Hat SEO, The key differences

Black hat SEO practices focus only on increasing search engine results, without any focus on the consumers actually reading it. People who use these SEO strategies will often stuff links and keywords into their sites without any focus on the readability of it at all. They will also use content spamming techniques that are actually against the terms of use on Google and other major search engines.

Alternatively, white hat SEO techniques are much more subtle and nuanced. They follow search engine rules, and they aim to increase your site’s ranking and traffic while still providing quality content to the readers. They focus on using a variety of keywords with both short and long tails, and on integrating them throughout headings as well as in the text. This gives the search engine a natural indication of what the site is about. They also use relevant links in their pieces and focus on the quality of links and keywords over quantity.

So which approach is correct? The choice should be pretty obvious, your best bang for your buck is definitely white hat SEO.

Why White Hat SEO?

If you’re looking to boost search engine results quickly, it might seem like a good idea to use black hat SEO, but you should avoid it. Since black hat SEO only focuses on quick results, it won’t actually generate new business and returning followers.

There are also serious consequences if the search engines catch your site using black hat SEO techniques. You run the risk of the search engine de-indexing and banning your site from their results, which will make it virtually impossible for new followers to find your site. I’ve seen several companies get blacklisted and there’s not much even I can do to help you out of that scenario, except to rename the company and start over from scratch and earn your right to compete, just like every other reputable company. Plus, you’ll feel much better about it too.

If you’re looking for reliable SEO for your site that will provide long-term results, let’s talk. As one of the best SEO experts in the world, probably, I can help you transform your company’s online presence so you can generate new business. That’s what I do, and would be happy to discuss your needs to see if there is a mutual fit.

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