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An intro guide to PPC keyword research

Keyword research is an essential part of any PPC campaign since it involves the identification of popular phrases and words users enter into search engines. It not only provides brands with a better understanding of which keywords are in high demand but it also helps in creating conversions and

An intro guide to PPC keyword research2020-07-29T16:47:35+00:00

Why link building is essential for your SEO campaign

Search engine optimization has become popular among many online brands today since it generates traffic and increases sales and conversions. However, many different aspects go into optimizing your site to make it rank high on search engine results. Link building is one of these aspects, and it's the process

Why link building is essential for your SEO campaign2020-06-10T17:29:47+00:00

Common SEO mistakes to avoid

This article could be so long that I could publish it into it's own book, however, for the sake of just getting content out there in hopes of helping some of you, I’ve decided to condense it down to a few targeted items. As most of  you already know, search

Common SEO mistakes to avoid2020-05-09T04:15:38+00:00

A Quick Guide to Understanding PPC Keyword Match Types

With Pay-Per-Click (PPC) advertising, keywords form the foundation of the industry. Hence, when developing your PPC campaign, you'll not only select keywords you want for your ad to appear but also how "exact" you want them to match. This process of setting limits on your keywords to control which search

A Quick Guide to Understanding PPC Keyword Match Types2020-04-28T15:36:45+00:00

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